Time for the ducks to line up

I'm only about 3.5 weeks away from the start of WordCamp. Wow, let me say that again… I'm only 3.5 weeks away from the start of WordCamp. I need to get my shit together!

OK, truthfully, things are all going pretty well. But, that's been thanks to some things falling in to place quite nicely. Some of that has just been hard work & manual labor, while other parts have been great recommendations by others.

I'm using EventBrite.com for handling the registrations. This turned out to be a stroke of genius. They handle the order taking, they collect all the important information securely, they let you ask additional questions if needed (shirt size, URL, etc…) and they deliver the cash directly to your paypal account. It couldn't be easier.

After some searching on Google, I found a great deal on lanyards and badge holders at NameTag.com. They shipped my order the following day and it should arrive tomorrow. Sweet.

For the badges themselves, I'm actually still waiting on a piece of artwork from my designer. But, as soon as it arrives, I'm using a printer who I found through Twitter, of all places. Their website is VerticalPrinting.com and you can find Laura on Twitter @VPG_Printing.

Much of the hard work has been made a lot easier by the team over at Palace Station. They've really been helpful along the way. Getting the room organized, discount codes and all the extras that come up along the way. Big thanks to Page and Gina!

And finally, lots of help from friends. Doug hooked me up with the contacts for the conference space, Todd is on board to shoot photos and live blog the event, Jeff is in charge of the video and live stream, Brent is taking care of the internet access, my dad is driving in from California to do sound, my sister is coming in from California to help with registration/packet pickup and Dave was kind enough to loan me a projector. I think that's everybody so far. I'm sure there will be more before the day arrives, but this has already been a great outpouring of assistance and I'm thrilled to have friends and family so eager to help! I hope they realize this is NOT a paying gig. 😉

I currently have a list of “last minute things” to get done that is on my iPhone and I look at it daily. I've been plucking items off the list and I'm feeling pretty good that everything is going to click in to place like a well tuned machine.

If I can get the shirts ordered by Friday, the printing ordered by the middle of next week, I'm going to be in the clear. I think those are the only things outside of my control that are outstanding. Everything else can be done locally. The weekend following Christmas is gonna be a busy one.

See you all there. Right?!?

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  1. ddaulton on December 16, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Happy to help Hawk! Looking forward to the shindig and the learning!BTW – I want my $2! ;^D