Toon Whisperer

Like a lot of kids, my daughter loved cartoons growing up. Now in her early 20s, her interest in cartoons hasn’t fallen off at all. If anything, it’s grown even stronger.

But for her, it’s not just about watching cartoons. She loves to learn all there is to know about the people behind the cartoons. Especially the voice actors.

When she was quite a bit younger, she was a Simpsons encyclopedia. She probably still is, come to think of it. She knew every voice actor, every episode, every guest host. It was pretty incredible how much she knew about the show. One story that I love telling is when we were at a friends house and he was going to turn on the TV for our kids to watch while the adults hung out and chatted. Looking in the TV guide he says, “Hey, the Simpsons are coming on.” My daughter asked, “Which episode.” Being funny he responded with something like “Episode 709.” She says, “Oh, that one is called such-and-such, with special guest so-and-so.” He looks back in to the TV guide, reading the fine print and says, “uh, yeah, that one.”

I have been trying to get my daughter to write a blog for quite some time. When she finally agreed, it’s little wonder that the topic she chose to write about is voice actors.

Her blog is called Toon Whisperer. On it she writes about voice actors of the past and present, giving a short history of the actor and some of their most famous roles. It has been a lot of fun to see her posts and learn a bit more about the people she respects so much. It has also been fun for me to start teaching her a bit about the other aspects of blogging. Things like traffic, stats, ads and social media. She already has had a lot of experience with building a community on Youtube in the past, so I expect she’ll pick up the rest pretty quickly.

I’m proud of the work she’s done so far and am excited to see where she takes it!

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