Total product satisfaction

Rarely do you find a product that, after the pre-sale hype and after you've plunked down your money and got the new product home and some time goes by and you find yourself 100% totally happy with a product. Well, it's happened to me with my Samsung Blackjack phone.

Here's a list of some features & benefits I'm enjoying:

– For starters, it's thin enough to carry in the pocket of any pair of jeans, shorts or even slacks without feeling like I'm carrying a brick. This was a big issue for me as I recently had a pocket PC phone that was just too bulky to carry around on a daily basis. I found myself leaving it at my desk whenever I walked away. Not with the blackjack. I take it with me everywhere.

– Internet speed. On my old pocket PC phone, the internet access was so slow, I basically stopped using it. I don't know if it's just Cingular boosting things up and it's all just nice timing, but I don't really care. My access is quick and that's good enough for me.

– Superior photo and video capabilities. I love being able to shoot a quick video whenever we are out. My last phone had a camera built in but it didn't shoot video and the photos were terrible. Now that I've gotten used to taking photos with it, the quality is really starting to show through.

– I'm able to check my pop3 AND my gmail account. This is so great. My previous phone allowed for one connection. Who the hell has only one email address these days? sheesh!

– Bluetooth. I realize this feature is basically standard on nearly all blackberrys, etc… but I really love it. I have a bluetooth connection in my car so it's quite simple to have a conversation and keep both hands on the wheel.

– It's durable. I've already dropped it about 5 times and there isn't a scratch on it and nothing internally wasdamaged.

I could go on and on, but I won't. I'll just leave you with this… if you are in the market for a new phone, I strongly suggest you check it ou.

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