Visitors, Beatles & Pools

As the summer months quickly approach, it's time to start getting ready for onslaught of visitors we will undoubtedly have. If you don't live in Vegas, you wouldn't understand. I know we didn't fully grasp the concept until we lived here for a while. But Damn, when you live here, there are always visitors during the summer.

This past weekend was the start for us. My buddy Dan was in from So. Cal. He had come in to meet up with his mom who lives in Arizona. The came out to take in a couple of shows and basically just hang out. They had tickets for the new Cirque Du Soleil show going on at the Mirage. It's called Love and it's set to the music of the Beatles. The show isn't officially “open” yet. They are still doing their preview performances. But, a quick check of the website and I found that there were still some really good tickets to be had. As luck would have it, we ended up sitting 4 rows directly in front of Dan and his folks. The music was great, the stage is awesome and the show overall was really enjoyable. My one complaint with the Cirque shows as of late has been the fact that there are fewer acrobatics than that of the show “O” and Mystere. They put more emphasis on the dancing & music. I'm not complaining, really, but I'd come out of the show saying that I absolutely loved the show if there was more acrobatics. As it was, I enjoyed the show, but, it's no match for “O” or Mystere in my book.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, we went to a home show over at Cashmen Center. We are interested in installing a pool in the backyard and wanted to go check out some of the builders. I'm really glad we did. We got brochures from several vendors and one of them really took his time with us letting us know all that they offered plus a list of things we would want/need to know before moving forward. I couldn't have been happier with his service, help and information. I hope it works out that we can use his company when it comes time to get the ball rolling.

While we were at the show we picked up a Little Giant ladder. You've probably seen their infomercial. It is one awesome ladder. As a home owner, I think buying one of these suckers is just about mandatory. We did have a bit of an adventure getting it home. We bought one of the demo models from the show and saved a little extra cash over the regular show discount. We went back to pick it up in the SSR on Sunday afternoon and found that it was about 4 inches too long to fit in the back of my truck. I ended up borrowing some bungie cords from the ladder salesman and driving home with the back gate down. We made it home safely and didn't lose anything out the back so that was cool.

On Sunday, at the recommendation of Myya, we hit up the Sunset Station Brunch buffet at The Feast. It was an absolute hit! Since they have redone the buffet over there, it is all-around better than it was before. They had a great selection and I think I sampled just about everything they had to offer. The carved roast was my least favorite part and it was the part I was expecting to like the best… Ahh well, just about everything else there made up for it.

The DVD player in our living room died a week or two back. I've been wanting to pick up a new one but just haven't really had the time. Sunday afternoon after dropping Dan off at the airport, Chris, Blake and I set off to pick up a new DVD player and some dinner. First stop, Best Buy (of course). I found exactly what I was looking for. 5 DVD changer + HD upsampling all for about $135. I'll take it! Nope. They were out of stock. So, we hop back in the car and head over to Target. They were out of the same model but I found something comparable… they were out of those, too. By this time we are getting quite hungry. However, I plead for a quick trip to Circuit City. Pay dirt! We found the same player we had found over at Best Buy for the same price and they had some in stock. After a quick trip to Chipotle for some dinner, we headed home. I quickly downed my dinner and set out to install the new DVD player… One minor issue… it's too deep to fit in our entertainment system. Ugg. We had recently purchased a stand that was to be used for keeping the video games in a semi-orderly fashion. I hadn't put it together yet, but this seemed like a perfect opportunity. I slapped it together and the DVD player fit perfectly on the bottom shelf. A quick test to make sure everything was working smoothly. Then, instead of actually watching a movie, I went to the garage and installed my new Sirius Satellite radio receiver in the SSR. My old one bit the dust a few weeks back and it's been killing me not being able to listen to Howard Stern on the way to and from work. By the time I was done with that install & activation, I was too tired to sit through any sort of movie. Ahh well, there's always tomorrow night… nope, that's poker night. I guess I'll shoot for Wednesday. crap.

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