Wedding rings and sports

I should start by saying, I haven't worn a wedding ring in a long time. That started when I worked in a fish market where it can be dangerous to wear rings because they can get caught when moving heavy boxes and can lead to serious injury. I had heard stories of guys losing fingers and I certainly didn't want that happening.

As I got older and gained some weight, my ring didn't fit so that was another reason not to wear it. But even when it did fit, I would take it off any time I was doing any sort of work with my hands, or playing sports, etc.

It sorta bums me out not to be wearing a wedding ring, and I know for sure it bums out my wife. I may have found a solution.

Hello Qalo

I recently saw an ad for silicon wedding rings from a company called Qalo. I have seen a few people at our CrossFit box wearing them and I have seen them on several athletes at other gyms as well, so I decided to check them out. I showed the website to my wife and she wanted to get one as well. After a little back and forth we settled on matching black rings.


When I first put it on, it felt pretty comfortable. After a very short time I realized that I had basically forgotten it was there at all. This was a very good sign. But the real test was going to be the next time I went to the gym. Was it going to be uncomfortable? Was it going to annoy me? Was I going to want to take it off? This all remained to be seen.

That night when I got to the gym, I started in on my warm up routine. Class started a short time later with some more warm up drills. During the workout we used barbells, did some pull ups, swung kettle bells, jumped rope and did some push-ups. So pretty much everything that would have forced me to take off my ring in the past. But with the Qalo ring, I never gave it a second though.

Thinking that must have been a fluke, I wanted to see what would happen during another workout. I got that opportunity the following night. Deadlifts and more kettle bells were on the menu. It wasn't until I got home and was washing my hands that I even remembered I was wearing the ring at all.

It's been a few days and I haven't had the urge to take it off even a single time. I think we've got a keeper here.

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  1. jb510 on July 22, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    One of my very close rock climbing buddies is missing his ring finger, although that happened climbing in/out a window not rock climbing the result was clear. Back in my avid climbing days I sore I’d never wear a ring. I’ve tempered a little on that, but with marriage coming up in a few months I’ve had to revisit that. I’ll wear a ring… maybe… sometimes… Similar to how I wear a watch. I just won’t be shy about removing it any less often that I would a watch.

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