What does a geek do on halloween?

Halloween is my favorite holiday! This year was a lot more fun in terms of dressing up. I decided to get dressed up to go to work on Friday. We joked that my costume is only funny in Vegas since people from anywhere else would have no idea what I am. I'm dressed as a guy who works on the Las Vegas Strip handing out porn pamphlets. You'll notice in the picture that I'm handing out slips of paper that just say porn. I thought it best to avoid an HR issues at the office and not hand out real porn. Just didn't seem like a good idea.

Then comes Saturday night. This is the biggie. Some friends of ours throw a halloween bash each year that gets better each and every year. This year was no exception. The place was jam packed and the costumes this year were really outstanding. A lot of people went to a lot of trouble to put together some fantastic costumes. There was no doubt that the Transformer costume that Myya made for Adam was the best. This costume would have won best costume at any part anywhere in Vegas. Great job, Myya.

My wife had come up with the idea of going dressed as Super Mario. I then suggested that we go as Mario & Luigi. The idea stuck and that's what we did. I have to tell you, these were some of the best costumes around. They were easy to put on, comfortable to wear and pretty darn inexpensive. We each had to buy the overalls, but other than that, we were only out a little bit of cash and Chris spent a little bit of time fixing up the buttons and the hats. That's it! And it was awesome to have pockets while at the party. Car keys, camera, wallet, etc… Next year, I'm going to make sure whatever costume idea we come up with has the same level of comfort and function.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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  1. Nichole on November 3, 2006 at 3:51 am

    Loved the costumes!! Glad you had a good time. Hope to see you soon. Lov,Nic