WordPress and the 2.6.2 mandatory upgrade

Tonight was one of those frustrating evenings where you spend the entire time banging your head against your keyboard trying to figure something out that just doesn't seem logical at all. It all started out pretty randomly, too.

This morning I realized that I wasn't able to log in to the admin section of one of my blogs. I wasn't getting an error message saying I had the wrong password, it was just returning to the login page. I told Jason about it and he says, “It sounds like you were hacked thanks to this security bug found in WP version 2.6.1.” So, of course I went and immediately upgraded the affected site. I then checked another of my sites. It, too, was affected. I upgraded it as well.

I got home around 5 after picking up my car from the dealership. (it had to have a little work done. blog post forthcoming.) We had dinner and then I headed upstairs to tackle the remaining upgrades. This is when the wheels fell off the cart.

I uploaded the new version of WordPress to the next site, modified a config file, updated a database table (all exactly as I had done this morning to the previous sites) but this time, the upgrade didn't help. I still couldn't get in. I tried a few more things with no luck. I did some searching online and found no real new information. It seemed like it was a pretty minor upgrade for everybody else and it's only me that's getting affected in this way after doing the upgrade. Just my luck. I can't hit MegaBucks, but I can be the one in 4million who's affected by some obscure bug.

Of the 13 blogs I manage, 10 of them upgraded smoothly. 3 are left in a state of limbo. The front end of the site works fine, so visitors will have no clue there's an issue. I'm just unable to access the admin section. I've posted on the WordPress forum looking for help, so hopefully something will come of that pretty quickly.

Frustrated & beaten, I'm calling it a night. Hopefully the morning will bring better luck.

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