Work, Poker & general catching up

Wow, December already! I know we all say it every year around this time, but where the hell does the time go? I mean seriously! I remember the first couple of days of 110 degree weather like it was a week ago.

Last week I took over a new position at work. I've actually changed companies, but haven't left the building… The main company I work for has about 15 sub-companies. I moved from one sub to another. The position I took basically takes me back full circle to a position I was in about 18 months ago. I'm the technical director for a new group that is going to be handling a lot of web development for our own company(ies) and for several 3rd parties. The pace of the new position is a bit quicker than where I was 2 weeks ago, so it's going to take some getting used to in order to get back in the swing of things. I'm very excited about the new position and I foresee a lot of good things coming out of it.

Poker has been back on an upswing for me lately. The day after Thanksgiving we played in the Sahara tourney and it was absolutely huge. I made the final table and then talked all 10 players in to chopping the pot. Normally this isn't something I'd do, but, I had an “average” size stack (60,000 chips) and the blinds were going to be 10,000 / 20,000. So it was going to be a crap-shoot to see who won. If we gave 10% to the dealers and then chopped 10 ways, we each took home $705. The only way to make more than $705 was to finish 3rd or better.

Chris had surgery on Thursday to remove a cyst from her hand. She has the entire month of December off from work, so it made sense to schedule the surgery for this month. The surgery went well and she's back home resting up. The company Christmas party is tomorrow night so hopefully she'll feel well enough to hand out for a few hours. She is supposed to be sitting and keeping her hand elevated with an ice pack. That's going to be tough to do at the party. She does have a nice big bottle of pain killers, so maybe that'll help.

I had requested Thursday and Friday off from work and scheduled some errands for Friday back when I was still with my previous company. Then, after switching companies, there are 4000 things going on and taking two days off seems a bit crazy. Just good timing is all. I have a good team that can handle things while I'm out so I'm not too worried!

Hey, here's an interesting one… I found out last week that a couple we know and at one time were very good friends with, got married this summer. Both Chris and I are very happy for them and wish them all the best in the world. The crazy part is, we didn't learn about their marriage from either of them, but through a mutual acquaintance. Obviously, there is no requirement for them to invite us to the wedding or to send a wedding announcement or anything like that, but, you would think that after being close friends with somebody for a few years that you might, oh, I dunno, MENTION it. If the 40 cents for a stamp is too much, last I heard, email is free.

Well, anyway, Congratulations you two. We would have sent a gift, had we known.

The views expressed in the previous paragraph are mine and mine alone. My lovely wife didn't seem phased when I mentioned it to her. I hope she doesn't read my blog.

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