Worst Customer Service Ever

I am one of the best customers ever. When I find a service that I like, I will stick with it through the thick and thin. This is mainly because, at heart, I'm lazy. If I've found a company that provides me a service that I need at a reasonable price, I am very unlikely to change companies even if it means saving a little money on a monthly basis. This goes double or triple or more for a service that has taken a considerable amount of time to get set up to begin with and would require a considerable amount of time to move to a new service.

To give you an example, I had found a hosting company that I was really pleased with. I had set up an account and moved all my sites on to the one account. This took a week or two to complete. About 2 months in to hosting with them, one of my sites really took off and was getting a LOT of traffic. It was putting a strain on the shared server where I was at and they asked that I moved the site. They were quite helpful the entire time and never once shut my site down. At that time, I went ahead and bought my own server and have been hosting that one site on my server now for over a year. Since I was pleased with the service I was getting with my hosting company, even after the traffic wave had died off on my site and there was no risk of straining my server, I went ahead and continued to keep (and pay for) my account with the hosting company along with paying for my own server to be hosted somewhere else. True, it's only an extra $20 per month, but that does add up over time. I only recently shut down my managed hosting account in favor of keeping everything on my own server, but that was after I sold off everything last month.

So, with something as delicate as DNS and domain name registration, if I find a place that I'm happy with, I'm going to stick with them basically forever. They are really going to have to screw the pooch in order for me to leave. Well, this is exactly what has happened with RegisterFly.com.

I've been a RegisterFly.com customer for 3-4 years now. At my high point, I had over 90 domain names listed with them. Most of which were purchased before they become an ICANN accredited domain name seller, so most of my domain names were actually registered through ENOM. Recently RegisterFly.com become accredited and you would think that their new found freedom and monumental moment in the company's existence would be reason enough to make sure that all your customers are happy and that your systems are in tip-top shape. With RegisterFly, it seems they have done the exact opposite.

Over the past 2 months, here's a bit of what I have been subjected to with them:
– I tried to renew a domain name that was set to expire in 2 weeks. Was unable to because it was registered through ENOM originally and there was some sort of issue with getting it transfered to RegisterFly. After sending 4 emails and leaving 4 voice mails with support over 2 weeks, I gave up. The domain expired and I was able to re-purchase it as it became available again (using GoDaddy instead)
– While trying to renew a batch of domain names, my credit card transaction went through, but there was an error in the renewal process so the domains did not get renewed, but my credit card was still charged and now my money is STUCK in my RegisterFly account and I can't cash it out.
– While trying to transfer a domain name to GoDaddy, since I was using RegisterFly's “WhoIs Protection”, the transfer request email went to a numerically tracked email address at RegisterFly. After a week of waiting for the confirmation to arrive, I sent my own email to the email address. It bounced.
– To get the auth code for any domain name I want to transfer away from RegisterFly that had been registerd before they were accredited, I'm forced to call ENOM since I don't have an ENOM account to log in to. Average wait time, 35 minutes.
– Since I had some extra funds in my RegisterFly account, I figured I'd go ahead and burn them up by buying a couple domain names that I'd just transfer away at the end of their first term. When I registered a domain on Friday, while everything seemed fine and my funds were definitely deducted from my account, the registrant info for the domain name was not saved and neither were the Name Servers. So the domain is currently pointing to no DNS servers.
– While trying to update the DNS servers on this new domain, I get an error message on the form when I try submitting it.

At this point, I'm beyond pissed. I have sent several emails and left several help desk tickets with their support team. I have had no responses on any of them.

As for the $40 bucks still in my account, go ahead and keep it. I'm sure I'll get it back in the Class Action Lawsuit that I'm sure is coming your way. No business can get away with absolutely turning their back on all their customers. You were bragging about having something like 900,000 domain names registered through your service. I would love to see how far and how fast that number is dropping.

Hey, RegisterFly, I would have continued using your service for the
next 10-20 years. All you had to do was not completely suck.
Unfortunately, you failed at that. I wasn't looking for greatness. I
would have settled for mediocrity. You couldn't even pull off
“average.” You had to shoot for “really fucking lame.” Well, you hit
that mark perfectly.

And if you think I'm the only one who is having issues with RegisterFly, well, let's see…

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  1. John on February 26, 2007 at 5:29 am