Yelp is everywhere

Sunday night while playing a marathon game of Risk, CarlTodd and I were discussing iPhone apps we each have installed. Carl suggested that I download the Yelp app. is a site that lets users leave a review for places they visit. Restaurants, bars, beauty salons, doctors… you name it. I installed it and was checking out out Monday morning and was an instant fan. As with most of the new apps, it uses the new GPS technology to figure out where you are and then shows you a list of places in your area. On the list page it shows you the average user rating, the number or reviews each place has had, the address, the distance to the location and it gives you an idea of how expensive the place is based on the number of $$$ you see on the listing. Click the listing and it gives you the phone number and a “Map” link that will open up the maps app and basically walk you to the door. You can also click the “Browse reviews” link to see what people say about it. The one thing you can't do is write a review from your iPhone. For that you need to go to and create an account.

Monday evening I took the family to visit the Pinball Hall of Fame. As we were walking in I saw a sticker on their door (exactly like this one) that says “People love us on Yelp.” The timing of it all cracked me up. I have been to the Pinball Hall of Fame SEVERAL times and I know that sticker is new since the last time we went. I went online earlier today and created my account at Yelp and figured I would write my first review on the place I love so much.

Here's a link to my reviews on – If you sign up, add me to your friends list.

They also have a spiffy app that you can add to your site (or myspace page) that tell everybody about the places that you've reviewed.

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