Yes, I really have the coupon!

since I was watching a hockey game and my wife didn't feel like cooking. I placed the call and the phone was answered by a gentleman named Nadir. I placed my order for 2 XL pizzas and then mentioned that I had a coupon for a “Buy one, get one free”. Nadir then explained to me that this coupon was only good on Tuesdays. I looked over the entire coupon page and found not a single mention of it being only valid on Tuesdays. I told Nadir that it didn't say that. He then told me that the coupon was expired. I then explained that it clearly stated the coupon was good through 7/15/02. At this point, I would have expected him to give me the benefit of the doubt and agree to the terms of the coupon I claimed to be holding. But, he didn't. He explains that my total is going to be $30 and change. My first reaction was to cancel the order entirely. But, instead, I told Nadir I'd bring the coupon in and pick up the pizzas. When I got to the store, the two girls (I didn't catch their names) both gave me the initial feeling that I was really putting them out by just walking in the door. No smiles. No good evening. I explain that I have 2 pizzas to pick up. One of the girls goes to grab my pizzas while the other rings up my total as $30. I hand her the coupon. She looks it over for a moment and changes my total to $19.46. Doing a little math in my head, I'm trying to figure out how taking off the price of one pizza only drops the total by $10. But, I'm in a bit of a hurry now as the game is back on and I'm missing the third period! I hand her my credit card and at that time Nadir walks up to her and takes the coupon from her hand and looks it over. He looks up and says to me, “I'm the one that spoke with you on the phone.” I replied, “I know, and that's why I'm here and not having my pizza's delivered.” The girl can't find a pen, and apparently, that's my fault, too. She gives me a bit of a dirty look and storms off to find a pen. She finds one, and hands it to me along with the credit card receipt I'm supposed to sign. I get a bit of a chuckle at the fact that there is a place for me to leave a tip. I place a large ZERO in the tip section, fill in my total and I take my pizzas and head home, more than a little upset.

I worked in a family food service business for 11 years. If a customer called and said they had a coupon, I would have to believe them until they were unable to produce it. It only makes sense. Why should I, the paying customer, have to go out of my way to prove that I wasn't lying? Did nobody explain to them that “The Customer Is Always Right”? (or, at least until you can prove them wrong)

At the end of June my family and I will be moving to Vegas. I explained to my wife when I got home that even if we were to live in Redondo Beach for the next 20 years, there is no way we would be ordering from that Papa John's Pizza again. I'm sure the girls at the counter won't miss me.”

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