42: The answer to the universe


Yesterday I celebrated my 42nd birthday. I have to say, I’m both excited and a little concerned for what the next year may hold. Mainly because the past year has been pretty much insane. Let’s recap: Business What started out as a 3 person partnership went down to 2 at the beginning of 2011. Then, […]

Not just any tequila will do


How do you say happy birthday in Spanish? I’ll tell you how, Chinaco tequila! I have long been a fan of Chinaco tequila. I even wrote about taking it to our company holiday party back in 2005. But last summer while on a business trip in Santa Barbra I was having lunch at a tequila […]

OMG! He's 18


It’s nearly 3am. My friend Dave and I just finished playing Sega Genesis for the past 4 hours. I tip-toe in to the bedroom trying not to wake Chris. It’s no use. She’s awake. “Don’t get comfortable.” she says. “The doctor told us to stay home until you can’t stand the pain any more. Let […]

Pole Position Indoor Karting

John Go-Karting

Saturday night, in honor of Kristen’s Birthday, a group of us met up at Pole Position Raceway for some go-kart racing. We had about 20 of use there, but only a dozen of us were racing. We signed up for a 2 race event. The first race has all 12 of us on the the […]