Business aspects of WordPress plugin development

Last September I attended WordCamp Portland which was set up as an unconference. If you are unfamiliar with the term, an unconference doesn't have a pre-scheduled list of speakers. At the beginning of the day there was a large whiteboard with squares drawn to create a grid of rooms and time slots. Anybody who had an idea for a session they wanted to present could write their idea down and place it on the board. Or, if you had a topic you wanted to hear about but were looking for somebody else to lead the talk, you could write that down as well. The organizers would then take all the ideas and place them in to boxes and that's how the schedule for the day was set.

One of the suggested topics looking for a presenter was “The business aspects of WordPress plugin development.” A couple people suggested that Todd Huish and I lead the session. We had nothing prepared, but agreed anyway. The room ended up being standing room only and this has to be one of my favorite sessions I've been a part of.

The video from that session was recently released. If you have trouble watching it below, you can check it out on