Moving day at work

It's been about a year and a half since I had an office at work. When I was first moved out of my office I truthfully said that it didn't bother me. Working in a cube (or the crazy shaped desks we have at the office) hasn't really bothered my at all.They are a little small and if you are working on a project that requires you to have a few sheets of papers out at the same time, these desks are pretty constricting. Other than that, I haven't been bothered by the lack of an office. That all changed two days after I got a promotion last month.

In my new roll at the office, I am constantly working on projects that require a notebook, 2 or 3 different printouts, a spreadsheet on one screen and a web browser on the other. I just flat out need more room. Our plans to move in to the new offices have been pushed back time and time and time again. However, tomorrow is officially moving day. At noon we get to peel the wrapping paper of the new building and dive on in. For me, this means I'm back to having my own office.

There are a few things I will not miss about the current office. The crazy shaped desks are only a part of it. There is almost always a crazy odor in our building. A lot of times it comes from people cooking things in the microwave that shouldn't be cooked in a work type setting. The kitchen in our new building has doors that automatically close off the rest off the office, and another set of doors that opens out to our new patio. Also, at the current building there is a crazy temperature change that happens every day around noon. It goes from being cool/comfortable to warm/unbearable in a matter of minutes. It's almost to the point of needing to bring a change of clothes. I'm hopeful that the new office will not have the shifting climate syndrome. My final gripe about the current office is the fact that I sneeze there more than anywhere else on the planet. That may be due to the odd smell, it may be due to the temperature change or it may just be something in the air. Whatever it is, I'll be happy to be rid of it.

So tomorrow is going to be a busy one. I better go get some sleep.