Y U No Tell me: It’s not about the platform

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WordPress is not the Golden Hammer. There. I said it.

Even though we specialize in WordPress development, we always keep that in mind when talking to a prospective client about their project. Sure, we are going to run their project through the “Can we do this with WordPress?” filter. And almost every time, that answer is yes. But we still have to ask the follow-up question, “Does it make sense to do this project in WordPress?”

I realize this may sound funny coming from a guy who owns a web development company that does nothing but WordPress development, but trust me on this, when a client needs a website, they aren't looking for “WordPress”, they are looking for a solution to their needs.

Since we're a dedicated WordPress company that has been around for a few years, the majority of people reaching out to us already have a WordPress site or are actively looking for a WordPress developer. When that is the case, great! But when it's not, I focus the call on their needs. Eventually we will end up describing a solution to them. As part of that solution, we're going to use WordPress as the CMS.

If you find that you are trying to sell the client on WordPress, you're starting off behind the 8-ball. You should be selling them on you, your company and the overall solution to their needs. You can introduce them to WordPress later. There's going to be plenty of time for that.

Tomorrow's post is going to explain why You can't do ALL THE THINGS!

Now go outside and enjoy your weekend!