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He's not just bad, he's fucking hilarious!!!

If I used the word ‘fuck' between every 2 words in this little snippet, it would fall short by about 1000 of the times Billy Bob Thornton says it in the movie Bad Santa. The movie is wrong on SO many levels, but I haven't laughed this much since seeing Jackass at the theater. Believe…

Are you geek enough?

So, the fact that I have a website called and the fact that my license plate on my car used to be geeeek doesn't make me all that much of a geek… Well, at least not on this geek test, anyway. I only scored a little over 19% geeky-ness.

I sure am thirsty for some turkey!

Ya know, when I'm really thirsty, the first thing I think of is turkey and gravy… Oh, wait, no it's not!! As a matter of fact, I'd have to say that it's close to the LAST thing I would have thought of…. But, I guess I may be wrong…. Follow the link and answer me…

You can never be too careful…

In these times of litigation-happy lawyers, even having people over for Thanksgiving dinner can end you up in the court room. So, I think it's best that when you send out your holiday dinner invitations, be sure to include a copy of this handy form that should keep you out of the court room. Enjoy!

Maps, Data, Software, Overload!

I spent the day today receiving training on some of the coolest software around. On the surface, it looks like mapping software. But the best part of software is data analysis that can be done with it. It can be used to analyze your client data, plot locations and find out demographic data about the…

File Not Found

You just gotta love when somebody spends this much time working on their 404 error page.

Anybody ever use these?

Somebody sent me a link to and said it was a pretty cool “help desk” application. On that page I found a link to and it looked pretty cool. Was curious if anybody had used either of these products and if they were any good. Let me know. Thanks.

Tell her you love her with chocolate

I know Valentine's day isn't for a few months, but, it's never too early to start looking for the perfect gift… So, how about this year you give her a Chocolate Heart – Oh, this isn't the traditional, smooth heart you are all used to… Enjoy.

Go on a trip without leaving your desk…

This guy's software would probably make you toss your cookies if you had a couple drinks first.