Please stop using ‘Uncategorized’

You spend time building your site. You spend time researching your topic. You spend time writing your post. Then, you get lazy… Instead of adding your post to a specific category, you just leave it on the default and it shows up as “Uncategorized.” Ugh. It may just be me, but I find that really annoying.

The obvious solution would be to just add the post to a category as you write it. But, if you have a tendency to forget that tiny step, how about changing the name of the default category from Uncategorized to something else? Let me show you how easy it is.

1. Click the ‘Categories' menu option under ‘Posts'

2. Click edit under the ‘Uncategorized' category

3. Change the ‘name' and ‘slug' fields to something other than Uncategorized

Done and done. All of your existing posts that were in the Uncategorized category are now in your new, more visually pleasing, category. Any new posts you write without assigning a category will automatically be added here as well.