Stories from WordCamp: Volume 1

I still need a day or two before I tackle the process of writing the wrap-up for WordCamp:Las Vegas. But, there are some smaller stories that I want to get on to “paper” before I forget the details. This is one of those stories…

I checked in to Palace Station around 4PM on Friday. Finished up some organizational details, had some dinner, set up the stage for the morning and headed up to bed. I set a wake-up call for 6:30 AM and fell asleep around 1AM. At 4AM the room phone rings one time. I'm startled in to a state of half awake and answer the phone to find nobody there. Unfortunately, I'm unable to go back to sleep.

After spending the next 2 hours blogging and tweeting, I get up, shower and head to the sink to shave. I grab the shaving cream from my travel bag which hasn't been used since my trip to Santa Barbara in September. I push down on the button and no shaving cream comes out. I try it again, still no shaving cream. So, I do what anybody would do, I turn and look in to the spout, press the button and a stream of shaving cream gel comes flying out at light speed. It sails past my eye, missing it by less than half an inch and hitting the wall.



I can only imagine:
a) how much that would have hurt had it actually hit me in the eye
b) how funny it would have been to show up at WordCamp with a glowing red eye
c) how many times I would have had to tell the story throughout the day

After my wife and I stopped laughing, I dove for the camera before cleaning up the mess.