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How to painlessly shop on craigslist

When I think of online shopping, I immediately think Amazon. If I think of an item I want to buy, I check amazon first. Having had Amazon Prime for the past 6 years or so, I’ve become quite accustomed to free two day shipping. Plus returns are about as painless as it comes. So of course…

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Reversal of fortune

Yesterday I blogged about how rude people were while out shopping. If you read yesterday’s comments, several people pointed out that they weren’t experiencing the same. In fact, they were enjoying quite the opposite. So today when I had to go back to the mall, I was really curious as to what moods I would…

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Black Friday : 2008

My Black Friday story actually starts on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. It was about 4pm when my wife and I pulled up to Best Buy. As we walked in I snapped this photo of the 2 tents that had already been set up out front by the guys waiting for the Black Friday sales…

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