The end of week one

This has been quite a week. Prior to this week it had probably been more than a year since I had needed to stay late at work. So far this week I'm 5 for 5 on staying late. Don't get me wrong, this is by no means a complaint. To be quite honest, even though I have been crazy-busy, I can also say that I haven't had this much fun at work in over a year, either.

Much of the reason I'm so busy at work is because the new position I've taken on is dealing with aspects of the business that I haven't been involved with in a couple years. I'm spending a lot of time researching things I once new like the back of my hand, but have since forgotten after not having them be part of my day-to-day life in quite some time. It also doesn't help that in the time that I was away our company has been on a meteoric growth rate. I expect about a month at this pace before I've really got my hands around all I need to know.

Or, at least most of it.