When it clicks

I've been web developer for quite a while and still get a kick out of that moment when you hit save, refresh the browser window and see your code come to life. A minute ago, this functionality wasn't there. Click, there it is. I love that!

I've been messing around with the WordPress 3.0 beta code for a while now and have been digging in to the Custom Post Type functionality. This is a HUGE step for WordPress and I can guarantee that over the next 6-12 months you are going to start seeing some even more amazing custom themes for specific niches. It really is exciting.

In a great stroke of ‘nice timing', a project we are working on at 9seeds.com has an element that would be solved nicely with the new Custom Post Types functionality. I sent a copy of my prototype over to Shayne and over the next couple of hours we hashed out what is going to make for a very happy client. I got to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing it come to life, and more importantly, the excitement coming back from Shayne as he saw first hand the new power we're going to have when it comes to helping clients. Like a light switch, click.

In the next week or two I'll be doing a full write-up about the project and will give you an example you can download and mess around with yourself if you'd like. Until then, if you'd like to learn more about Custom Post Types and how they work, check out this excellent post by Justin Tadlock.

Click. That just doesn't get old.