WordPress United – Las Vegas

After WordCamp Las Vegas in January 2009 a group of us started up our own branch of Beer n Blog. It jumped out of the gate with some really solid numbers. For the first 4-6 weeks we were averaging somewhere near 40 attendees and there was some honest to goodness blogging going on along with some blog training and assistance. I was stoked! I tried to figure out ways to expand on the technical stuff. But, for whatever reason, it just never really worked out. Our #bnblv group still meets up almost every week, but it's down to a core group of half a dozen or so, and it's definitely more about the beer than the blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I do love me some beer!

Since that time I have been approached by several people asking me if I was interested in starting up a WordPress users group. With WordCamp Vegas happening a month or so back, I was getting asked this question more and more. Everybody who asked me got basically the same response; “I am very interested in attending, presenting at and helping to promote a WordPress users group here in Las Vegas, but I do not have the time or energy to be in charge of finding a venue and everything else that goes in to being the organizer. So, if you start one up, let me know and I'll be happy to shout it from the mountain tops!” (yes, I know I live in a valley… work with me here)

WordPress User's Group, Vegas Style!

Finally, somebody has taken me up on that offer! John Pollard took the initiative and found a WordPress related group on Meetup.com that seemed to be dormant, he worked some magic and is now the organizer for WordPress United – Las Vegas. He did his part, so I'm doing mine! I've already joined the group and if you are in Las Vegas and interested in a WordPress users group, I urge you to join, too. I currently have no idea what the plans are, when meetings will be, what shape they'll take, etc. But I am so excited for the possibility of having a group that meets regularly to share ideas and knowledge about WordPress that I'm happy to jump on board and see where the ride takes me!

Thank You John for getting this rolling! I wish you a ton of success and I'm looking forward to the first meetup!