WordPress Webinar Series

If you ask any WordPress enthusiast why they like WordPress, you're likely to hear “because it's so easy.” It's a response I've given many times myself. Aside from being easy to use, WordPress is powerful, flexible, and people use it in a myriad of ways. So if we're being totally honest, WordPress is one complicated piece of software. And, with anything that complex, it takes a lot of different voices to teach people how to use it.

My love for teaching has had me involved with a bunch of different types of events. I organize the first WordCamp Vegas conference in 2009 and have been involved with each annual event since. In 2011, I started the WordPress Vegas Meetup that has met monthly since. I've presented at countless conferences around the country, and a number of local events. The main take away… I LOVE to talk about WordPress.

For the past few months, I've been bouncing around ideas on other ways to teach WordPress. And at the suggestion of my buddy Toby, last month I ran a webinar where I talked about using Gutenberg and page builders. I had such a great time with the first one, I'm turning it into a webinar series! Oh, and the webinars are 100% free.

Who are the webinars for?

There are really no limits on the number of topics to talk about around WordPress. My goal is to make the webinars provide information to users of all shapes and sizes. Not every webinar is going to be of interest to every person. Nor should they be. Instead, you can think of this series kinda like a WordPress conference where each session you go to is going to talk about something different. One session may be aimed at developers, while the next is more appropriate for small business owners. The only thing typing each webinar together? You guess it: WordPress.

How to find out about upcoming webinars

As I mentioned, each webinar is free to attend. Information about upcoming webinar events can be found by clicking the webinars link in the top menu. However, space is limited for the webinars. If you want to hear about upcoming webinars before they're posted on the site, sign up for the webinar newsletter. As new webinars are scheduled, members of the newsletter are informed 24 hours before they're announced on the website.

Topics, topics, topics

I already have a list of topics I plan to speak about on future webinars, but I would love to hear from you. If you have an idea for a webinar topic, please drop me a line!

The next webinar is scheduled for November 7th and I'll be talking about Starting a Blog for your Business Website. Registration for that event is open now.