Blog World Expo 09 wrapup

Blog World Expo 2009 is in the books. The parties have all ended and most people in attendance are either home already or heading in that direction. I’m one of the lucky ones who lives right here in Las Vegas, so my trip home is quite a bit shorter (20 minutes) than most. I do […]

WordCamp Las Vegas @ Blog World Expo demystified

WordCamp Las Vegas

Last night on the Blog World Expo website they announced that WordCamp Las Vegas would be part of the Expo this year. Based on some of the responses I read about the news today on Twitter, it became obvious that there was some misunderstanding with regards to how much it would cost to attend WordCamp […]

Blog World Expo 2008 – Day 2 Recap


Day 2 of Blog World Expo started off exactly as I suspected… late. I don’t know that I have ever been to a conference where the final day has started on time. Especially a conference held in Las Vegas. I think the only way to have a final day session start on time in Las […]

Blog World Expo 2008 – Day 1 Recap


It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the last Blog World Expo. I have been looking forward to this event for quite a while and I’m glad to say that at the end of day 1, I was not disappointed. The day started off with the “State of the Blogosphere Adress” & […]