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Git + MAMP + SiteGround

For too long now I have put off the chore of getting my local development environment set up in a way that would allow me to use Git to push my code directly to SiteGround. I had tried in the past but always ended up hitting a stumbling block somewhere along the way. There is…

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Taking back Twitter

Back in February or 2009 I wrote a post called “I’m done with auto-follow on Twitter“. But, apparently I didn’t learn my lesson. Once I started running 9seeds and was actively using social media to help ‘build our brand’, I started doing 2 things on Twitter that I ended up regretting. First, I turned auto-follow…

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2 Jing features I’d love to have

I have been a big fan of the screen cap software Jing for a while now. I first wrote about it back in 2007 and have been a pretty loyal user ever since. But recently I have been using the software even more than usual. I’ve been using it to make quick walk-through videos for…

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Blog World Expo 2008 – Day 1 Recap

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the last Blog World Expo. I have been looking forward to this event for quite a while and I’m glad to say that at the end of day 1, I was not disappointed. The day started off with the “State of the Blogosphere Adress” &…

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One month with Akismet

Last month while attending BlogWorld I had the opportunity to hang out with Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress, at the WordPress Meet-Up. One of the topics we spoke about was Akismet, the spam blocking plugin. I had used Akismet a few years back, but had run in to some issues with it. At that time…

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Video Blog: 11/27/07

This is my first shot at video blogging. Leave me a comment and tell me if you love it or hate it. Here’s some companion links from the video blog: Follow me on Utterz Sites using ScratchBack

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