WordCamp Utah Wrap-Up

WordCamp Utah Wrap-Up

I’m just getting back to my desk after spending the better part of 3 days in Salt Lake City to attend and present at WordCamp Utah. I had an absolute blast! Here’s a bit about the weekend. The Stay I can not say enough good things about the Chase Suite Hotel. When we arrived at…

WordCamp Chicago Wrap Up

The first thing going through my mind as I think back on my weekend spent at WordCamp Chicago, I wish my flight home wasn’t so early! I am really bummed I ended up missing the sessions after lunch on Sunday. This is terrible planning on my part. This was my first time attending WordCamp Chicago….

When it clicks

I’ve been web developer for quite a while and still get a kick out of that moment when you hit save, refresh the browser window and see your code come to life. A minute ago, this functionality wasn’t there. Click, there it is. I love that! I’ve been messing around with the WordPress 3.0 beta…

Working from home, month 1

Has it really been a month already? Wow, that was fast! Working for myself from home has been really interesting. Before making the leap I spoke with many people about it. Everybody has their own concerns & ideas about what goes on when you work from home. Some are pretty accurate, some not so much….