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How to Set Up a Local Copy of Your WordPress Site

As the organizer of the Las Vegas WordPress Meetup, I’m constantly telling people that they should test new releases of WordPress using a staging site or on a local development site prior to running the update on their live site. Never has this been truer than with the upcoming release of WordPress 5.0 that includes…

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Git + MAMP + SiteGround

For too long now I have put off the chore of getting my local development environment set up in a way that would allow me to use Git to push my code directly to SiteGround. I had tried in the past but always ended up hitting a stumbling block somewhere along the way. There is…

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Producing a Podcast

It was almost 2 years ago when I put a request out on Twitter, I wanted to start a podcast, I just didn’t want to be in charge of producing it each week. To me, that seemed like the hard part. I just wanted to pop in, record the episode and let somebody else worry about…

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CSS Trick: Multiple backgrounds

I ran in to an interesting CSS issue this morning. I had 3 divs next to each other that I wanted to place a border between, but, I didn’t want the border to be attached to the entire div. Instead, I wanted to have the border start approximately 50 pixel down from the top of…

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Centralized mail/calendar with Google Apps

Warning: Sometimes I use my blog as a way to remember how I did something so that I can do it again in the future should the need arise. Since I’ve spent time trying to round all this up more than once now, I figure this was a perfect subject for just such a post.…

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